Character & Destiny Report

                                                   Approx 25-30 pages

                                   Also Known as Natal Chart Report


Based on Adrian Duncan’s many years of experience with clients the Character & Destiny astrology reading reveals your personality in all its facets.

It’s a magical thing to discover how your horoscope explains things in your life, which you might otherwise never have understood. That there is a connection between you and the cosmos. That your life has meaning and significance.

It is even more magic to know that awareness of your behavior gives you the chance to shape your destiny at important junctures of your life.

This astrology report explains the challenges you face because of who you are, and reveals the resources you are blessed with to deal with them. This horoscope reading also explains crucial trends affecting major parts of your life right now and two years into the future.

The result: you are empowered, become aware of who you are and what your mission is, and learn how to attain success in your relationships and career.

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