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Soulmates - How Do I Know If I Have Met One?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Are you dating? What I'd like to focus on in this blog are soul mates. How do you know?

Let's first break this down into three categories:

Ordinary relationships: like this I mean anybody can be attracted to anybody if we're just going by the physical level of attraction. Let's visualize a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid, it's vast, it's an ocean of people and people here at this level navigated by attraction level of attraction only and so there's a vast amount of a number of men and women we can be attracted to.

That being said doesn't necessarily mean that these relationships will work out. Why? Because once that first heatwave is over and attraction has us bubbling and it feels like a honeymoon phase - where everything is good and where we turn the blind eye to personal characteristics.

That's when our day-to-day starts. How do we attract? How do we get along? How do we compromise? Do we compromise? Then we'll be looking at our skills, talents, hobbies, needs, and wants and we can add in, for example, this: how do we differ spiritually, religiously, and our outlooks for example on parenting? How does it match up? Are we compatible? This is when differences start to surface.

So is physical attraction enough or do we need more to create and generate a full-blown, holistic, and mature relationship that can stand the test of time? A vast amount of people go towards the physical attraction and so they go through relationships in that order and a lot of them might just be short-lived.

Let's look at online dating and so forth: how does that work out? A lot of people pass through a vast number of potential partners in their speed dating, or just want to cruise, just wanted to party, or just looking for booty calls, and so forth.

I call these more ordinary relationships: in other words, physical related relationships.

Let's look at soulmates which is a totally different level altogether.

Soul mates:

Soulmates on the other hand - how can we determine what that really is? Now in ordinary relationships, there's no real karma or ongoing karma initially because these two people are all new to one another. They have to get to know each other first, (they will be building karma between them as they go). There's no sense of recognition when they first meet; there are no deeper or higher bonds that tie them together whereas in soulmate relationships there are already bonds created from the past. Now, this is if you believe in reincarnation. Soulmates are about partners that are meeting again. Born to be together again!

So, here’s this: a lot of people initially think that as long as I meet my soulmate my life is going to be perfect. Is that true? Really? When you meet a soulmate it means it's time to get to work! Why?

When it comes to soulmates, we have pre-existing bonds, we have pre-existing karma; we're picking up where we left off, and then there is this recognition when you first meet - whether that is intuition and gut feeling or an emotional wave that hits you that's more than; and beyond a physical attraction, here we’re speaking about the heart.

As a relationship advisor, I get a lot of clients coming in when there are soulmates needing to know to look into and to work with what's really going on in their relationship and it's fascinating because you can very easily as a psychic advisor to see the difference from an ordinary relationship which is more tuned towards the physical attraction level whereas now it’s pointed towards the spiritual. What really keeps them bonded and connected and also looking at the patterns that they have between them. In other words, the karma that holds ties between them.

“Born to Be Together Again” it's not only a lovely book that I came across there in the 80s by Dick Sutphen (definitely worth the read!) - but having met soulmates of my own - oh that book really holds up and I do suggest that you get this book and read it if you're into soulmates. ‘Past Lives – Future Loves’ is another recommendation by the same author.

We get to work when we have a soulmate relationship because of all the unfinished business that we now can tweak, grow, expand upon ultimately, and hopefully be able to grow this relationship into perfection from one lifetime to the other. We meet and we meet again.

Therefore, having a spiritual consciousness and a spiritual understanding of what karma really is and how to work with it, is golden, and being able to walk through our relationship keeping our paths clean behind us. Should you break up, nothing is ever secured and guaranteed – so be it – but as long as it is good in mutual respect so no negative karma is put forward in time – you’re at least not pushing karma forward between you. It’s all about freeing ourselves from this karmic wheel. Always know there's no escape from karma! We don't get away from our karmic path and so the more we grow spiritual awareness the more we will treat honor and respect our partner and make sure that this is a path of growth for both of you involved.

That being said, there are beautiful soulmate relationships where some couples have worked on perfecting their relationship through many lifetimes, hence you could see somebody meeting when they're 8-9-10 years old and then they're married for 80 years and they're still walking down the beach and looking at each other lovingly and couldn't imagine life any other way than being with their soulmate. This is the perfected soulmate relationship.

Now, however, let me bring this to your attention. We have more than one soulmate. Imagine how many lifetimes you have lived and there has at least been one partner each lifetime (or up to several). Now depending on those important relationships that had unfinished karma brings you back together in this lifetime so we might have multiple soulmates.

You can even have a beautiful soulmate relationship when you're young and rekindling that love, that beauty where the hearts meld and merge, and then you hear your higher self or your guardian Angel saying; “hey it's time to let go” and you go; “What? Why!? I'm happy where I'm at-” and your higher self continues and says, ‘there's more for you in this lifetime- you need to move on - another soul mate is awaiting around the corner’.

This could be very shocking, and I know a few of you have experienced it, because why leave a relationship that feels perfectly good? Well, something is calling you or the relationship might end due to other situations of course, but don't be in despair because we've had multiple lifetimes and yes, there are other soulmates!

You would not be the ones that are attracting ‘ordinary relationships’ because for you - if you're on a soulmate consciousness level, you won't be attracted to partners on a plain physical level, meaning being attracted to their looks & their body; you're attracted to who they are.

You’ll be asking yourself: ‘Do I recognize this person? Does it resonate in my heart, soul, and spirit? That's how you'll be navigating. The ones that meet you on that vibration. That soulmate relationship starts in one of the following ways and how you can recognize if you're in a soulmate relationship.

8 Easy Ways to Know:

  • · Out of the blue recognize a person’s aura (soul signature) – even without yet having spoken with them. You just know.

  • · You find that there is an irresistible pull – whether for good or bad towards a certain person.

  • · You may encounter flashes of ancient memories going through your mind – even if you are meeting for the first time

  • · Time stands still in those first moments when crossing paths – even if this person does not match your ‘preferred partner avatar’ as far as physical attraction

  • · You may act in a way you’ve never experienced prior to the meeting – surprising even yourself

  • · It feels fated

  • · Instant recognition

  • · If you must wonder if this is a soulmate connection – it most likely is not

Of course – we can always check on the status of your relationship – either the joy & expansion of it to see where it’s heading or get insight to the nightmare process you might be finding yourself in wondering how to get out and move beyond it and see who else might now be on your horizon. I’m always here for you.

I started out by mentioning three categories. The third one is Twin Flames which is an entirely different animal. You can have numerous ordinary flings (relationships) and have multiple soulmates – but, you only have One Twin Flame. We’ll cover this in the next blog.


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