Soulmates - How Do I Know If I Have Met One?

Updated: May 24

Are you dating? What I'd like to focus on in this blog are soul mates. How do you know?

Let's first break this down into three categories:

Ordinary relationships: like this I mean anybody can be attracted to anybody if we're just going by the physical level of attraction. Let's visualize a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid, it's vast, it's an ocean of people and people here at this level navigated by attraction level of attraction only and so there's a vast amount of a number of men and women we can be attracted to.

That being said doesn't necessarily mean that these relationships will work out. Why? Because once that first heatwave is over and attraction has us bubbling and it feels like a honeymoon phase - where everything is good and where we turn the blind eye to personal characteristics.

That's when our day-to-day starts. How do we attract? How do we get along? How do we compromise? Do we compromise? Then we'll be looking at our skills, talents, hobbies, needs, and wants and we can add in, for example, this: how do we differ spiritually, religiously, and our outlooks for example on parenting? How does it match up? Are we compatible? This is when differences start to surface.

So is physical attraction enough or do we need more to create and generate a full-blown, holistic, and mature relationship that can stand the test of time? A vast amount of people go towards the physical attraction and so they go through relationships in that order and a lot of them might just be short-lived.

Let's look at online dating and so forth: how does that work out? A lot of people pass through a vast number of potential partners in their speed dating, or just want to cruise, just wanted to party, or just looking for booty calls, and so forth.

I call these more ordinary relationships: in other words, physical related relationships.

Let's look at soulmates which is a totally different level altogether.

Soul mates:

Soulmates on the other hand - how can we determine what that really is? Now in ordinary relationships, there's no real karma or ongoing karma initially because these two peopl