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Palmistry is what I call a 'Living Map' or also a "God's Map" that we carry with us throughout our lives and most of us have no clue the powerfulness of the messages that lay within...


Palmistry is in fact one of the travelling workshops I loved to give  in the past, the most, and I think that came from the reactions people had when they uncovered what their hands actually revealed.


The old paradigm is that this was only something 'gipsy's' did and who could trust them? The science behind palmistry is ancient, is incrediably accurate, gives a blue-print of who we are spiritually --.


Working along side with astrology, one opens up to a Universe we just have to bend over in awe and gratitude for such amazing tools that have become bestowed upon us so we never get lost upon our journey, where we're at: where we came from; where w're heading in this vasy cosmos beyond time & space... []


Secrets Revealed in Your Palm - Video

Secrets Revealed in Your Palm #2- Video


 How Astrology ties in:  # Part 1 - YouTube

Which Palm do We Read?

 How Astrology ties in:  # Part 2 - YouTube


Taking Your Photos for best viewing

Snap your photos upon a white background, like on a sheet of paper.


Photograph full-size with the fingers spread in their natural relaxed manner.


Make sure to send a photo of the side of your hand also and that the lighting maximizes your lines and don't whitewash them out. I can only read what is visible to me.



How to Order


Your Dominant Hand/Full Reading

RECEIVE a fully Personalized AUDIO RECORDING

Send a couple photos of your dominant hand (the one you write with) + a photo of the side of your hand to my email once you have placed your order here

Note: Please state your current age.









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What is palmistry used for?

  • Also known as palmistry or chiromancy, palm reading is practiced all over the world with roots in Indian astrology and gypsy fortune-telling. The objective is to evaluate a person's character and aspects of their life by studying the palm of their hand.

Which palm should you read?


  • You'll want to look at both your dominant and non-dominant hands. Your dominant hand represents who you are — your personality, where you are in your life, where you've been, but also where you imagine you're going — in the present moment. Your non-dominant hand represents your potential and aspiration

How can I check my future by hand?

  • According to palmistry, if a line runs close to the thumb, or it's a straight line then a curvy one, that means you're a lazy person. If the line goes all the way to your wrist and is deep, then it's a sign of vitality and if there's a break in your line that means you'll face a sudden change in life.

Is palmistry a part of astrology?

  • Palm reading in astrology is definitely a thing (you might even think of it as "hand astrology" or "handoscopes"). It's reflected primarily through the language of astrological elements, with fire hands, air hands, water hands, and Earth hands

What does lots of lines on your palms mean?


  • The lines on our palms are known as palmar flexion creases, and they're there to help us fold, stretch, squeeze, scrunch and do other such things without excessively stretching or squeezing the skin on the hands. Stop what you're doing and stick the palms of both hands in front of your face

How do you know your love life?

15 Signs You're Ready To Meet The Love Of Your Life

  • You hold yourself accountable. ...

  • You know what you want in a partner. ...

  • You're the right kind of selfish. ...

  • You know yourself. ...

  • You aren't looking for anyone to fix you. ...

  • You aren't trying to fix anyone. ...

  • You are emotionally and physically available. ...

  • You're a good listener.


Find our what your hand can reveal about your current and future path!


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