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What Do I Need to Read My Palm?

Need to figure out more about yourself and your future?

Suppose you held all that you at any point needed to be aware of your destiny, love life, and character in the center of your hand. Palm perusing, otherwise called palmistry or chiromancy, is an enchanted workmanship rehearsed everywhere. It has its underlying foundations in Indian crystal gazing and Roman fortune-telling — however you can bounce into this antiquated practice today. Whether you're a hopeful palm peruser or only searching for a pleasant method for dazzling your companions, we take care of you. Peruse on for palm-understanding outlines and a total manual for deciphering palm lines.


A palmistry is a keen tool and accommodating instrument to find out about your assets, your personality, and, surprisingly, your predetermination.


The understanding of palms, includes seeing and examining the attributes of your hand. This palm perusing guide will assist you with utilizing this divination practice to decipher your own hand's privileged insights!


To comprehend how to scrutinize palms for yourself, you'll have to know palm attributes. The following are a couple of key terms you'll have to be aware:

1. A line is a wrinkle in your palm. For instance, the wrinkles going across your palm upward are various types of lines: the existence line, love line, and head line. There are additionally two critical vertical lines: the destiny line and the sun line.

2. A mount (like "mountain") is a raised area of tissue. For instance, the knock underneath each finger is a mount. A line might get over a mount.

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Identify the four major lines. There may be breaks in them or they may be short, but at least three of them are there.

  • (1) The heart line

  • (2) The head line

  • (3) The life line

  • (4) The fate line (only some people have this).

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