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Natal charts show your spiritual genetic make-up code. I go through your chart and explain talents, skills and abilities as well as what your spirit may be most focused upon as far as goals in this lifetime.



Transit charts are where I check and walk through the current transiting planets against your Natal chart.  It points towards current influences, circumstances and challenges you may expect .

By default - these are Audio Recorded ~ If you request a Live Call regarding your chart, just let me know when you order and we'll set that up.

15 Min. Natal

Your Natal Chart reveals your inner DNA makings: what makes you tick: talents and skills: Your souls purpose and how to get there. Challenges as well as Goals. Shorter version yet very informative!

15 Min. Transits

A transit chart reveals where the planets are affecting you now. We walk through a 3 month forecast of your upcoming excitments and/or challenges showing you where your focus will be.

Relocation Chart

Your Power places around the world. Where's the best place to live, visit or relocate? Must have your exact date & time of birth + city & Country.

30 Min. Natal

Your Natal Chart exposes all your talents, skills and most importantly - your life path/mission. Loner version, we spend more time in analysing your natal aspects.

30 Min. Transits

A transit chart reveals where the planets are affecting you now.  We walk through a 6 month forecast of your upcoming excitments and/or challenges showing you where your focus will be.

Lovers Comparison

How & what do you and your partner affect & bring out in each other?  Is your relationship harmonious & workable, or challenging& Karmic? 30 Minutes. I'll need both of your d.o.b/information.

Current Processing time:  3-4 business days

for all audio readings and are delivered to you by email.

Natal Chart/Transit Combo

60 Min. Audio

COMBO NATAL+ 6 month transits.

This reading gives a great read on your Personality & Soul Purpose. Where your strengths and talents lay. What challenges you are here to overcome in this lifetime.


We also check on your personal developments over the next 6 months & what to expect by visiting the transits in your chart.


Popular Combo:

TAROT & Astrology Transits

All readings are Recorded personally for you and will be sent to your email where you can listen directly and replay when you need.

30 Min. Audio


We explore 30 minutes and here we check out the questions you may ask me for the TAROT and then we  a 3 month ASTROLOGICAL reading to see also what the planets in transit have to say for you. Must have your exact time & d.o.b. city/country for this reading.




For all Astrology readings:


I will need you exact time of birth - city and country; D.o.b. - sex/gender.


For astrology readings, we don't go by questions as the planets speak for themselves in what is coming - but if you have questions then I suggest a  TAROT/ASTRO combo reading where we look at everything.



What info is Needed?


All I need is you & your partners d.o.b. (no city/or time of birth)


Short descriptive questions, no long 'background' stories  required.



How long before I receive my reading?


Readings are delivered

3-5 Business days. (Mon-Fri)



Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation I have received your order. You will hear from me next when your reading is ready and emailed to you.



How often should I check in and get another reading?


That's all up to you. If your life is relative calm-going at the moment, not many changes will show on a new reading for a while.


However if you are in a life processing stage, - things may shift & change all the time around you in no time and then I have clients calling anywhere between few times a week checking in to those that call daily.


So, there is no saying, - only you know what feels right pertaining to your needs. A new reading is helpful when you need more insights.

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