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Your PayPal receipt for purchase, is a the confirmation I have received your order. The next you will hear from me is when I email you your reading when it is processed.
Turnaround: Up to 7days - normally 3-4 working days (not counting weekends) is to be expected.

Astrology Readings



Popular Combo: Psychic  & Astrology Transits

30 Min. Audio






Transit Charts

Natal Chart (Birth Chart)

60 Min. Audio



+ 6 month transits.


Natal Chart/Transit Combo

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PayPal allows all purchases over $99 to be paid within 6 months.

30 Min. Audio                  $150


15 Min. Audio                   $75


10 Min. Audio                   $50


  5 Min. Audio                   $25

Love & Relationships

Career & Finances

What info is Needed?


For Astrology Readings    I need: Your date of birth, exact time of birth, & city + country.



How long before I recieve my reading?


Readings are delivered within approx. 3-4 Business days. (Mon-Fri)



Your PayPal reciept is the confirmation that I have recieved your order.

 The next you will hear from me is when I send you the reading.




How often should I check in and get another reading?


That's all up to you. If your life is relative calm-going at the moment, not many changes will show on a new reading.


However if you are in a life processing stage,  - things may shift & change all the time around you in no time and then I have clients calling anywhere between few times a  week checking in to those that call daily.


So, there is no saying, - only you know what feels right pertaining to your needs. A new reading is helpful when you need more insights.

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PayPal accepts all credit cards.



Leave your Questions & Info on 'Note to Seller' on your PAYPAL when you order -- if you happen to miss it:


Email me directly



15 Min. Audio                      $75


30 Min. Audio                    $150



15 Min. Audio                       $75


30 Min. Audio                    $150




Choose from the pull-down menu


Please type your  d.o.b. as in: mo./day/year

& add your Gender - (some names read both ways)

If your question is about someone, let me know their first name & d.o.b. as well.


Psychic Readings







30 Min. Audio                  $150


15 Min. Audio                   $75


10 Min. Audio                   $50


  5  Min. Audio                  $25


Call me anytime! I would love to speak with you!


Or also click to Arrange a Call if I am away and stipulate how long you are willing to wait. The service will call you back as soon as I am back online. $4.99/min 


Find me Online: 10am-Noon and 7-9pm (Arizona Time  MST)


IF I am not online when you try finding me: Try one of my trusted advisors!

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