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This Coffee Cup Course is for You If you want to become a Pro!

So, have you've been dabbling trying to read your own cups for  a while?

Have you been successful in interpretating them?

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A few of the Symbols to be found:

  1. Hearts

  2. Stars

  3. Arrows

  4. Skulls

  5. Suns

  6. Moons

  7. Triangles

  8. Crescents

  9. Crosses

  10. Fish

  11. Trees

  12. Birds

  13. Hearts with wings

  14. Butterflies

  15. Owls

  16. Dragons

  17. Elephants

  18. Flowers

  19. Seashells

  20. Celtic knots - and many more!

What do they Mean?

Find out now!

Join Coffee Cup Readers WorldWide

Learn the Symbols

How to see the story in your cup!

It all ties in...


See the Story in Your Cup!

Look into your love life, relationships, money or other messages that show up!

Take it to the Next Level

It's addictive, it's fun and friends, family & clients will want more from you!


If you are Good with the Tarot? ~ You'll be GREAT at this!
( - doesn't mean you have to be!)

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