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Essential Year Ahead


Approx 30 pages




For many people the future is a blank, and they can easily be blindsided by unpredictable events. You don’t want to miss an opportunity because you are afraid of change. Neither do you want to mess things up by impulsive actions, when patience and consolidation are required.

The Essential Year Report – a synthesis of Adrian Duncan’s 30-year astrology practice – helps you understand your evolutionary challenges and plan your strategy for each birthday year, explaining how to handle changes and how to preserve what you value.

It combines every important prediction technique in a well-integrated and readable astrology report.

It explains what you can expect in the year ahead and what actions to take to optimize success.

This prediction report accurately forecasts important changes in seven major areas in your life from career to romance. It is an invaluable guide throughout your life, from one birthday to the next, enabling you to make the right choices, focus on your goals, and achieve success.

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