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Paranormal Experiences range into vast categories: 'Para" means 'beyond'... beyond the normal 3D physical, linear experience. We have these a lot more than we give credit for and they are not' supernatural', but natural for those of us with open higher chakras.

Some of us are lucky to have family or a circle of friends to share these experiences with - some don't. And for those of you whom don't, you're left with a feeling of having to hold these very close to heart to yourself and may then feel lonely, even isolated.

Realize if you are having experiences - consider yourself lucky & fortunate! You are having a much more vivid and fulfilled life experience due to the fact you are 'awakened' and can 'see more' than people most. You are blessed. So get beyond the emotion of perhaps feeling 'cursed' due to the fact you are isolated. Share your story - stories - with others. You may help and also inspire more people to come forward and you'll no longer need to shelter or hide these amazing incidents. When you are free from holding back, you may come to see you are opening your own inner channel even more!

How to Send me a Good Recording!

  • Introduce yourself with your first name and the topic of your subject, maybe your city/state. (We'll keep you private and confidential - so first name only)

  • Be conversational; - free as if you were talking to me or a good friend.

  • Be as Detailed as possible as to: Where, When & What happened & How

  • Was this your first experience, or?

  • How did it affect you then and in the aftermath?

  • Has it changed you and your world view?

  • What's your thoughts on the subject?

  • What is the most important thing you'd want to say to help others open up and share their experiences?

Don't Have a Recorder?
Here's what to do:
  • Download AUDIO RECORDER app on Google play. (It's free and has great sound)
  • It'll show your timing as you record and records only 10 mins.  If you need to speak longer, make a new one and continue.
  • Mark one or more files: Your Name #1, #2 #3 etc
  • Email it to:
I'll be choosing & collecting stories and come Fall 2018 - I'll be posting them on my YouTube channel.
If you have images of your experience to share - please attach them along with your email. Feel free to also share your own photo if you are comfortable with it.  No obligation to do so, as like I said, - I will keep you anonymous so it'll be easier to come forward.
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