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YouTube's Subscribers Special

10 min. Psychic Audio Reading


For this reading all I require is just your name & D.O.B. and that of your partner. No questions needed on this reading as the cards reveal what you are meant to know.  In general we'll be looking at what is listed here, though I will relate whatever comes up additionally.


If you have specific questions you wish me to look at, then go with the other options under psychic readings and I will be happy to look at them!


Great reading - sent to your inbox where it will open a MP3 Audio file you can listen to directly.




  • Love & Romance

  • Career & Finances


  • What Good Surprises are on the Horizon?


  • The Unexpected this Month?

  • .. and everything else that shows!


I'll have your reading sent within 3-4 buisness days!



$50/ 10 min

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