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Tarot Readings

Love & Relationships

Family, Career & Finances

~ Any Question

Live Calls are set between 6-8Pm  MST

Book & Pre-Pay below before our call - I will text /email

 you the our appointment  time when I receive your order.                                      


What info is Needed?


All I need is you & your partners d.o.b. (no city/or time of birth)


Short descriptive questions, no long 'background' stories  required.



How long before I receive my reading?



Readings are delivered 3-4 business days




Your PayPal receipt is your confirmation I have received your order. You will hear from me next when your reading is ready and emailed to you.



How often should I check in and get another reading?


That's all up to you. If your life is relative calm-going at the moment, not many changes will show on a new reading for a while.


However if you are in a life processing stage, - things may shift & change all the time around you in no time and then I have clients calling anywhere between few times a week checking in to those that call daily.


So, there is no saying, - only you know what feels right pertaining to your needs. A new reading is helpful when you need more insights.

This reading has a little bit of everything!


This reading has a little bit of everything!




  • Is He 'The One'?

  • What is He Feeling/Thinking?

  • What are His Intentions?

  • Where Are We Heading?

  • Will I meet a New Love Interest?

  • Should I Let Go of this Relationship?

  • What Can I Expect Now?

  • Future Partners/Soulmates

  • Marriage - Divorce - Break-Ups

Typially asked questions...

  • Where is My Career Heading?

  • Will I Find a New Job?

  • Is there a Promotion Up Ahead?

  • Problems with My Co-Workers...

  • Will I be Successful?

  • How does my Financial Situation Look?

  • Will I Get a Raise?

  • How Can I Be More Successful?

  • ... add your own questions

Recorded Personal  

Tarot Readings


15 Min. Reading

15 Min. Audio Reading: Allow 3-4 questions. Love/Romance - Career & Finance - Family.. We explore deeper into what's up around your questions. You may alternatively choose just love or career.

10 Min. Reading

10 Min. reading gives ample time to gain overview of that of what is coming. 2-3 questions allows us to go deeper into what information comes up. You may ask any question(s).

30 Min. Reading

30 Min. Reading: Any 5-6 questions. Longer and more in-depth reading. Relationship - Career & Finance - Family.. etc
You decide your questions - add it to the email.


Mini readings are fun and a quick way to obtain a glance of  forthcoming events. You may ask 1-2 questions on this reading.  This is great for quick follow-ups from other readings you have had.

Now we can also talk on Facebook!


Just give me a wave and a request, and I'll set you up with a time.

This will allow for deeper readings for you as you can ask your questions as we go along. Many times questions come as we touch on your original question as more  insights are given and makes for a fuller read.

By Default, the booking you make below are for RECORDED Readings. If you want a One-on-One, book it and simply Request a Phone Reading. If we go over time, we'll  add that as we are live online Facebook with an additional PayPal, no problem! :)

Current Processing time for Audio Recorded Readings: 3-4 days

All audio readings are delivered to you by email.

36 Card Reading

Astro/Tarot Spread

10 Min Reading - $50 (Popular)


10 Min Audio - 36-Card walk-through


What can you expect now this month? This reading gives you a quick month to month highlights. It will cover; love, money, career and everything else that shows up! You may Personalize this reading to a 2wk or 1 month ahead reading - just let me know when you order.  (Same fee, just different time frames)

No questions are needed from you on this read as the cards will reveal to you themselves from their very placements of what unexpected surprises lay ahead!  If you have specific questions you want insights on - go for one of the above readings :)



Please email ( or add to Note on PayPal following data:

Name/Gender/ d.o.b. as in (month/day/year)  along with the name/gender/d.o.b. of your partner or whom you may be interested in asking about.

Popular Combo: Psychic  & Astrology Transits


Can't Decide Between getting a Tarot or Astrological Reading?

Buy a Combo

For this reading we need 30 minutes minimum and here we check the TAROT with all the questions you have and then also add a 3 month ASTROLOGICAL transit reading to also see what the planets have to say to you! This reading gives insights on a psychic level, all situations to come and the astrology part may will you timing guidelines.

Please also email me your d.o.b (month/day/year), name - gender, city/country for the astrological part of your reading!



30 Min. Audio - $150

All readings are Recorded personally for you and will be sent to your email whereupon you can listen directly and replay when desired.

Shop with PayPal's BILL ME LATER Option.

PayPal allows all purchases over $99 to be paid within 6 months.

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